Things To Know Before You Turn Your AC On For Summer

As we all know, air conditioners are mostly used in summers, and apart from the time being in use, they are kept dormant throughout the year. Little maintenance and care are given to the system. This increases the possibility of the system breaking down unannounced, especially when you need it the most. Nothing can be more frustrating than being unable to use your AC during soaring temperatures. 

In addition, summer is the time when HVAC companies are in high demand. Therefore, scheduling an AC repair in Yuma AZ can prove to be difficult. Hence, it is a good idea to be prepared before the sunny days come knocking at your door. 

What To Know Before Turning Your AC On For The Summer

There are a few things you should know and keep in mind before turning your AC unit back on when summer commences. This will help prevent the requirement to call for AC Repair Yuma AZ as your system will be in good condition. 

  • Check the Filter: The first thing a person should know is that a clean air filter is essential for the system’s efficiency. With regular cleaning and changing of the filter, the system’s airflow is distributed evenly, and contaminants in the unit or in the air also get filtered. If the system hasn’t had its air filters changed or cleaned regularly, it can cause a spike in your energy bill, pollute your premises or even cause the system to wear out.


  • Clear the Outdoor Area: The outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit is as important as the indoor unit. This means that it should be cleared of any debris like twigs, leaves, branches, and dirt from accumulating. If not done regularly, especially when autumn comes around, the accumulation of debris could harm the various parts of your system. It may even be more difficult to clean out after a certain period without the help of an AC repair in Yuma AZ.


  • Smart Thermostat: It is highly recommended to invest in a smart thermostat before the AC season starts. These programmable devices help ensure that your AC functions on a particular regime whether you are at home or not. This way it is still possible for you to come back to a cool home without leaving your system on the whole time. This also helps maintain the amount of energy your system uses, curbing any extra expenses that could have been generated due to it being on for a long time.


  • Insulate your Windows: This is important to know because windows tend to contribute to a rise in temperature in your home because of the sun penetrating through the glass. This causes your AC to go into overdrive as it tries to combat the sudden rise in temperature in your home. By insulating your windows, you can prevent the build-up that the afternoon heat brings. This will help avoid having to schedule an AC repair in Yuma AZ.

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