6 Tricks To Catching Air Conditioner Problems Early

Imagine living in an exceptionally hot and dry place like Arizona and experiencing an air conditioner breakdown right in the middle of summer. It is your air conditioner’s job to take care of you through the summer season, but caring is a two-way street. You need to take care of your AC, too, ensuring regular maintenance by a reliable AC Service, Yuma, AZ.

A regular maintenance service can enable your technician to identify problems at their early stages and take preventative action. However, there are common issues that you can identify yourself if you pay attention to.

  • Listen for unusual sounds: If any equipment is making a sound that it should not be making, it is generally a bad sign. Air conditioning systems are no exception to this rule. You must pay close attention to the sounds your AC makes, for strange sounds can indicate broken parts, clogged filters, failing capacitors, and refrigerant leakages. 
  • Watch for bad odors: Another obvious sign that your AC is having problems is emitting a bad odor. Dirt, debris, and microbial issues can develop in an unclean AC; if your equipment has not been cleaned in a while and you notice a foul odor, you must schedule a tune-up immediately.
  • Pay attention to humidity indoors: Even if the weather outside is hot and humid, an AC functioning optimally will keep it cool and dry indoors. If this is not with your equipment and you notice that Your AC cannot maintain moisture levels in the air, you must schedule a repair. The technician will determine if you need a dehumidifier or simply a re-calibration.
  • Run a short trial first: Before you start using your AC for the season, give it a short trial run of 60 to 90 minutes to ensure it is working properly. During this time, check for odors, leakages, noises, etc. 
  • Look out for short cycling: Short cycling means that your AC is shutting down early and starting again instead of going through a complete cycle. It is a common issue and can be identified, if not fixed, without professional help. If the AC restarts by itself multiple times an hour, it is safe to assume that the equipment is short cycling. 
  • Check for even cooling: Your air conditioner should provide even cooling to all the rooms that it is connected to. If this is not the case, it might mean that the airflow has been restricted. The cause behind this restriction could be either a clogged filter or a blockage in the ductwork. In case you notice this issue, you must contact your technician immediately because the cause for a restricted airflow will only worsen if left alone.

Suppose you watch out for these signs and contact your service provider as soon as you notice an issue. In that case, you can ensure uninterrupted comfort and safety for your family and save a considerable amount on repair bills. For the best AC service Yuma, AZ, contact us. Polar Cooling LLC is the leading service provider of specialized HVAC services in Arizona. We are the best AC company in Yuma AZ and we also offer HVAC Yuma AZ, AC repair in Yuma AZ