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Cooling your home and office during the scorching summer heat is made possible with the help of air conditioners. Due to their compact size for cooling individual rooms, mini-splits are widely in demand. A mini-split air conditioner is more energy-efficient than a conventional HVAC system. Contact Polar Cooling for a mini-split system in Yuma, AZ at competitive rates.

How Does a Mini-Split System Work And Function?

Mini-split systems allow you to adjust the temperature in specific rooms. Air handlers and compressors are two important components of mini-split systems. Typically, they require a 3-inch hole in the wall to accommodate the conduit, which carries the cables, copper tubing, and condensation drains.

The mini-split heat pump makes a great retrofit add-on for houses with non-ducted heating systems, such as Hydronics and radiant panels. Also, they are ideal for room additions in which distribution ductwork cannot be extended or installed and for energy-efficient new homes with only a small room air conditioner.

Benefits And Advantages of Mini-Split Systems

  • Size And Zoning Flexibility

In terms of zoning, mini-splits are small and offer flexibility. Most brands and models have up to four indoor air handling or distributing units connected to one outdoor unit and a compressor or condenser.

  • Easy Installation

Mini ductless systems are more easily installed than other types of space heating or cooling systems. The indoor and outdoor system units can be connected using a conduit inserted through a three-inch wall hole. The lack of a duct system in mini-splits makes a great feature that makes the system more efficient.

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  • Energy Efficiency

Unlike central air conditioning systems, mini-split systems don’t experience energy loss from ductwork because they don’t have any ductwork.

  • Affordability

If you do not want to spend the money necessary to cool all the zones in your home or office at the time of purchase and installation, you can cool one or two zones and add the rest later. Ductless systems offer this versatility as one of their many benefits.

  • Designs For Interiors

If necessary, you can hang your interior air distribution units on a wall or suspend them from the ceiling. Changing the placement of units that stand on the floor is possible if you choose them.

Learn How To Choose a Professional Technician For Heating Services in Yuma, AZ

  • Get a Free in-Home Consultation

Request a free in-home consultation. An appointment is scheduled with one of the service providers at a time and day that is convenient for you.

  • Review The Product Options Available

Installation services include the mini-split system cost. Your service provider will work closely with you to find the right mini-split system for your home, budget, and requirements.

  • Buy And Embrace Full-Service Installation

Place your order for a mini-split with installation service, and our experts will visit your home. Get in touch with our professional for air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ.

  • Transparent And Cost-Effective Pricing

Mini-split air conditioners are less expensive than conventional HVAC systems. The cost of installation and maintenance adds up quickly. Choosing a service provider with transparent, budget-friendly prices and detailed quotes will ensure that your spending is within your means.


Choose a trusted mini-split AC installer if you consider a mini-split HVAC system. Mini-split systems require a different approach than standard home temperature control units during installation and maintenance.

It is important to identify a professional and qualified mini-split system service provider for good comfort and maximum efficiency. Contact Polar Cooling LLC for a mini-split AC technician for a quick house estimate service!

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