Factors That Cause An Air Conditioner To Freeze Up

As you know, the main function of an AC is to regulate the inside temperature of your premises. If it has received regular AC service Yuma AZ, then not only does it last a long time, but also remains in sound condition. 

However, there are instances where a person forgets or ignores to have their system serviced and maintained regularly. This causes several problems with the system, including it freezing up. Just as the word suggests, freezing up takes place when the temperature drops within the system due to it being clogged or dirty. It causes the evaporator coil, the part which cools down the air taken in, to get too cold and freeze over, turning into ice. 

What Causes an AC To Freeze Up

If you notice your AC freezing up, the first thing to do is switch it off as soon as possible. As there are a lot of factors that can cause an ac to freeze up, here are a common few:

  • Low Refrigerant Level: This is one of the most common reasons for a freeze-up. The refrigerant acts as a cooling agent for the system. However, if it falls below a certain level, the pressure in the compressor also reduces. This creates condensation on the coils, freezing them up. Looking for a company that offers good AC service Yuma AZ is the next best step to having this issue resolved.


  • Not Enough Airflow: If there is not enough airflow in your system, there is not enough warm air going in, preventing the coils from freezing over. This could be due to a dirty air filter which either has to be cleaned or changed. The air filter absorbs the warm air from the atmosphere which gets filtered, cooled down, and released. Low airflow results in freezing up of the unit as well as the unsatisfactory performance of the same.


  • Dirty Coils: This is another one of the most common reasons why your AC freezes over. Coils are required to absorb water out of the air causing condensation to build upon it. If not cleaned, the coils can become clogged with dirt causing the system to freeze up due to it not absorbing moisture fast enough. Considering that ice can obstruct the flow of air in your system, if not seen to it can spiral out of control, turning into ice blocks.


  • Broken Blower Fan: The main function of a system’s blower fan is to channelize the cool air. The cooler the air becomes inside your AC, the denser it gets. The blower fan’s job is to move it to replace the warm air in your home. When the blower fan breaks, it cannot move the dense air resulting in a build-up of cold air in your system. This then freezes over the coils and will continue to do so until an Air Conditioning service Yuma AZ is scheduled.

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