What All Steps To Take During an HVAC Emergency? 

You need a backup emergency plan ready for everything, even for an emergency HVAC in Yuma, AZ. Of course, it is less likely to happen, but you never know!  The stormy winds during a severe thunderstorm can damage the HVAC system in your house. Not only the sudden change in weather could affect the working of the HVAC system, but other factors could also lead to a total shutdown of the HVAC system.  You don’t have to panic if you have an emergency plan ready! 

Steps To Follow During An HVAC Emergency

The expert HVAC services, are here to help if you don’t have any backup plan. Here are some pointers to keep in mind in the event of an HVAC emergency!
  • Call The HVAC Technician Urgently

 Even after several tries, the HVAC system in your house is not working, then back down! There might be something seriously wrong with the HVAC system. It is better to stop trying and let the HVAC experts handle the machine!  Call the technician of furnace in Yuma, AZ, urgently! The specialist will assess the situation and arrive at a precise and calm solution.  
  • Shut Down The Gas And Power Circuit

After calling the technician, shut down the gas and power circuit in your residence. During a severe storm, it is essential to shut these things off. These things can become a potential hazard to the family during these times!  Keep only the necessary switches on! First, shut down the rest of the electrical switches. Then, when HVAC services, have checked everything out and have given the green flag, you can safely turn them back on. 
  • Close Down The Water Supply Too 

The same case is with the water supply too. Water leakage due to broken or damaged pipes could increase the problems. That is why it is better to shut down the water supply and let the storm pass. 
  • Shut The Doors And Windows

The next step in the emergency safety plan is to shut down the doors and windows. The windows can get damaged due to the strong winds. So, your family and children remain safe from the remains of broken windows, board up the windows! 
  • Put In Action The Emergency Plan 

After the above steps, the next step is to put your emergency plan into action. Ask all your family members to stay together in one place. Collect all the essential things like a torch and keep it with you.  One never knows when the time will throw a curveball. But unfortunately, this curveball is capable of shattering all our dreams and the castle built in the air. That is why it is better to keep a backup plan ready instead of crying for the ruins!   If you have a broken furnace in your house, call our furnace services. Polar Cooling will be there to help you any hour with our 24×7 emergency services!  We even provide the best and most excellent heating installation in Yuma, AZ. So if you are looking for an HVAC company for furnace installation, call Polar Cooling in Yuma, AZ.