Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Igniting?

The antique furnaces are beautiful and exciting, but maintaining them is expensive. The newer, more energy-efficient furnace types outperform their older counterparts. On the other hand, new technologies have their own set of problems. The furnace needs to be fixed or replaced at least once every year by heating services in Yuma, AZ.

Regardless of the type, one of the most distressing concerns is when the furnace fails to start. However, if you can figure out why the heater stopped operating, we can help you find a remedy.

Furnace Issues That Might Arise

Let’s look at the issues that may have prevented the furnace from igniting the system.

  • The Energy Supply Is Insufficient.

This reason is the most apparent. If the energy fuel is depleted, the furnace will not operate. To begin, check to see whether the energy source tank is full.

  • The Unsanitary Ignition Source.

It is the second most evident of all the reasons. The ignition source area becomes clogged as a result of dust and debris. As a result, the energy fuel has difficulty making its way to the end of the reaction. As a result, the ignition process never begins due to a lack of energy sources in the ignition location.

  • The Furnace’s Filthy And Blocked Air Filter.

A clogged air filter often makes it difficult for the furnace to burn and ignite. In addition, the heating equipment does not get the significant air component necessary due to obstructed airways. That is why the stove will not light.

  • A High-Limit Switch Has A Problem.

Filters that are blocked are the primary cause of this. The high limit is reached, and the furnace is automatically turned off. Due to a clogged air filter, the hot air cannot escape into the environment. The hot air is trapped within the furnace as a consequence. As a result, the furnace’s total temperature rises, triggering the high limit switch.

  • The Thermostat Is Broken.

It’s sometimes the problem of a faulty thermostat. When a furnace fires up, several moving elements are in the system. The stove is then placed in action to offer precise heating due to the temperature. The system will not operate correctly if the thermostat is defective and will not ignite.

Possible Solutions To The Issues Mentioned Above

Let’s talk about some troubleshooting techniques now that we know some of the reasons why the furnace won’t light.

  • If your heater runs on propane, check the gas pressure gauge and fill value at the gas supply unit. Call an HVAC specialist from our heating repair in Yuma, AZ, for a fill-up if the pressure gauge is less than 10%.
  • Remove and replace the old air filter with a new one. You may either hire a heater replacement company or do it yourself.
  • You should carefully clean an electric gas furnace’s ignition source area with a pilot light; attempt to extinguish it with a long match.
  • Purchase a new thermostat and replace the old one!

If the issue continues, delegate the task to the technicians. Call Polar Cooling at (928) 344-2632 now to speak with one of our skilled experts about repairing your furnace!