How Often Should HVAC Be Serviced?

The temperature in Arizona can get extreme. Air conditioners in summers and heaters in winters are more of a necessity than a luxury. Months of inactivity and dirt accumulation on the air filters can affect the efficiency of your HVAC unit.  Expert technicians advise annual regular HVAC servicing. Schedule for professional AC services in Yuma, AZ, just before the onset of the season to enjoy maximum efficiency of your HVAC system.

Six Signs Your HVAC Unit Requires Professional Maintenance

  • Inefficient Cooling Or Hot Air Coming From Your HVAC Unit. 

Common reasons your air conditioner is not blowing cool air and the heater blowing out hot air can be a dirty filter or leakage. Inefficient cooling or heating not only robs you of comfortable sleep but also increases your utility and repair bills.  Do not overuse your HVAC and request professional heating services in Yuma, AZ appointment at the earliest for a complete investigation, repair, and maintenance. 
  • Water Drips From The Air Conditioner.

The duct pipes inside an HVAC unit help remove the moisture generated while working. Any sign of water dripping or ice or frost formation inside the HVAC unit requires emergent professional service.  Regular maintenance and cleaning help prevent dust accumulation and clogging inside the drain pipes, further preventing any water-related damage to your HVAC system. 
  • HVAC is Continuously Running. 

It is short cycling if your HVAC is running more than five cycles per hour. It decreases the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioner and requires professional service at the earliest.
  • Weird Sounds Are Coming From The HVAC Unit. 

Any abnormal sound from your HVAC unit is a sign of an underlying fault and requires immediate inspection.  A broken motor fan is the most common reason for any weird sound. An expert technician will complete an inspection, repair any loose parts, and clear all obstructions. 
  • Unusual And Pungent Odors. 

A refrigerant or chemical leak is the most common cause of the pungent odour coming from your HVAC unit. A smoke smell is usually related to electrical short-circuiting.  A musty smell is usually associated with mold and bacterial growth. It requires immediate professional servicing to prevent any major fault in your air conditioner. 

Advantages Of Regular Service Maintenance 

Experts suggest an annual service appointment just before the season’s onset to enjoy maximum efficiency and comfort provided by your HVAC unit.  Regular HVAC servicing will help you save hundreds of dollars on repair and replacement bills, decrease the energy consumption of your air conditioner, help you early detect any malfunction in your HVAC system, and increase the longevity of your air conditioner. 


A professional HVAC tune-up takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. An expert technician will completely inspect the indoor and the outdoor unit for any faults. They will professionally clean and lubricate all parts of the air conditioner and heater to prevent any wear and tear and malfunction in the middle of the season.  For more information and to schedule our 24-hour high-quality professional service of HVAC in Yuma, AZ, visit our website, Polar Cooling, LLC today.