8 No-Cost Ways To Improve AC Efficiency

The summer months are marked by climate conditions that are both hot and humid. All a person wants during the summer season is an efficiently working air conditioner that could consistently cool the required space without frequent AC repair in Yuma, AZ. Even while installing an air conditioner in your home has the potential to improve your quality of life, the cost may be substantial.

8 Cost-Free Strategies To Increase Your AC's Energy Efficiency:

  • Open and Clean Vents

Regularly examining the vents on your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings is a great way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. You may achieve it in various ways. First, inspect each supply and return vent to ensure that it has not been obstructed by dust, pet hair, or grime.

These types of materials are probably impeding airflow in your home. It will reduce the central air conditioner’s efficiency, requiring it to work harder to produce cold air and maintain the temperature inside your cage. As a result, the increased energy necessary to pump cold air through your air ducts and vents will increase the total cost of your utility bills.

  • Clean The Air Filters

Clean the filters properly. Taking off each filter and using a vacuum to remove any clear obstructions is the most effective method for eliminating surplus dirt. If the filter covers are dirty, you will probably need a sponge and soap to remove the pollutants.

  • Ensure That The Area Surrounding The Exterior Condenser is Clean

Keeping your outdoor unit clean and free of dirt will operate at its maximum efficiency. A professional cleaner for AC service, should be contacted for a more thorough and thorough cleaning.

  • Remove The Condenser’s Interior Fan

A screwdriver is required by several AC companies in Yuma, AZ, to remove the grille from the top of the air conditioner condenser. Remove the fan from its housing with care to avoid causing damage to the electrical wires.

After removing the fan from the condenser, you should wipe down the system with a pair of moist paper towels to remove any dirt, leaves, or insects. When you use your dryer and oven, heated air will be introduced into your home, making your air conditioner work more than usual.

  • Increase The Temperature by a Few Degrees on Your Thermostat

Lowering the thermostat by 5 to 8 degrees (during the winter) or raising it by 5 to 8 degrees (during the summer) can save money and energy. If you have a programmable thermostat, you may automatically adjust the temperature at different times of the day or when you will be away from home for several hours.

  • Using a Hose, Clean And Deodorize The Fins

Using a water hose with a gentle water pressure to spray the air conditioner condenser fins from the inside out is the most effective method for removing any excess dust, dirt, or leaves.

  • Maintain The Curtains And Blinds in a Closed Position

In the hottest part of the day, if you keep the blinds or curtains in your home closed while the sun is directly shining through the windows, you can prevent some heat from entering and make your home warmer.

  • Lamps And Other Heat-Generating Equipment Should be Kept Safe From The Thermostat

Keeping heat-generating equipment next to your thermostat will cause it to interpret the air in your home, causing the system to run for extended periods and exert more work than it would be necessary.

It is important to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner during summers, to prevent any major AC repair. If you are looking for AC services in Yuma, AZ, contact Polar Cooling.